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These are a few of the stories in development at Scribbles & Sketches Studios. Click the images to learn more about each project!

The Forgotten Changeling

The Forgotten Changeling is designed to be an eight-hour dark fantasy adventure.

 Rooted in character and exploring themes of female empowerment, familial identity, overcoming societal gender and class structure and defining one’s own destiny, the concept is a fish-out-of-water tale set in an other-worldly realm inhabited by Trolls, Dwarves and other magical races, resembling a warped version of Victorian England. 


The Forgotten Changeling pulls from European folklore and mythology to build a unique, deep and engaging world that viewers won’t soon forget.

FC Homepage 01.png

Ollie 008: The Octopi Spy

Ollie 008 is an action adventure series focused on a young octopus named Ollie and his pursuit of the Junior Super Secret Spy kit. After eating WAY too much Clammy-O's cereal, he earns enough clamshells to send away for the Junior Kit.


But a clerical error inadvertently gives him a SENIOR Super Secret Spy Kit and thrusts him into the deep end of spies, cryptography and more. Follow the adventures as Ollie wrestles with his insecurities about being young and inexperienced and learns just how special he really is! 

Ollie008 Homepage 01.png
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